Electrical And Tankless Water Heaters

Whether you have an electric or tankless water heater, chances are, you have run into problems at one point or the other. Unfortunately, most homeowners pay attention to their water heaters when the shower turns cold or when they notice their garage floor is filled with big puddles. These devices malfunction from time to time and when that time comes, you will need to make a decision on whether to replace or repair it.


Water Heater Basics


Electric water heaters come in 10-50 gallon tanks and are preferred by homeowners because they are energy efficient. Essentially, these feature a fully submerged heating element that allows for an efficient energy transfer compared to gas. The tank has sturdy insulation and often maintains a constant temperature of about 1200F – 1400F.


Tankless heaters, on the other hand, keep surging in popularity because they take up a small space compared to the electric ones. As the name suggests, these have no tank. Your water is typically heated as it trickles through the device. The other benefit of tankless heaters apart from space-saving is that they conserve energy by eliminating standby hot water. This means big savings on yearly water heating expenses. With them, you don’t have to heat water round the clock; you only generate it when the need arises. 


Signs of Problems with Your Heaters


If you notice any of the following, it might be time to call us to come and perform some hot water heater repair or replacement.


· A faulty heating element

· A leaking tan

· The appearance of extreme corrosion

· Moisture located at the base of the heater

· Ineffective heating

· A heater that is 10-15 years old

· Colored water as a result of rusting

· When you need an upgrade

· If you hear popping and clanging

· Smelly water heater

· Mineral build-up that causes clogged water lines 

Expert Water Heater Installation, Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance 

Lifting a 150-pound water tank is no mean feat. Besides the weight, electric water heaters can let off scalding hot water if not handled properly. Even the installation of tankless water heaters is a dangerous affair since it requires working with propane, natural gas, or electricity. Our trained electricians have a ton of experience in dealing with water heater installation. We will handle all your demands so that your electric or tankless water heater is properly installed.

Besides installation, we are also skilled in the maintenance of water heaters to eliminate sediment build up that might damage them in the long run. If there’s any leak that is damaging your floors, walls, and ceiling, we also expertly take care of it so you rest easy knowing all is well.


Our company has been in business for a number of years now. We have installed, repaired, replaced, and maintained hundreds of water heaters and have been successful on all of them. Our services are quality and affordable. Trust us to deal with all electrical work surrounding hot water heaters – installation, an inspection of pressure valves, drainage to remove sediments, prevention against rust, corrosion, wear, repair, replacement, and more. 


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