Troubleshooting and repair  

Do your bulbs flicker when you turn your oven on or boil some water on your electrical kettle? Is one of your outlets not functional or works intermittently? Have you blown all your fuses? Does your home contain a bothersome electrical circuit breaker that won’t stop tripping or disconnected power supply to a certain part of your home? Do you sometimes see some sparks or occasional smoke emanating from one of your outlets or appliances? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need the services of an exceptional electrical company. That’s where we come in.


Troubleshooting electrical problems is a job best left to the experts due to its dangerous nature. Our team sets itself apart from the rest. We handpick our electricians and you bet our team is highly skilled and experienced in the field. When it comes to fixing residential, commercial, and industrial electrical issues, no one is more proficient that our electricians. We have years of experience with troubleshooting of electrical switches, repairing underground electrical wires, outlets, receptacles, electric wires, lights, and electrical equipment in residential and commercial buildings.

When you call us to do some repair of troubleshooting work in your home or office, a qualified and professional electrical repairman will follow a systematic approach aimed at finding the root cause of the problem.


Preparation: We have all the tools and equipment for carrying out electrical projects of all types and sizes. Our licensed and licensed operator will put together all the necessary tools to inspect, troubleshot, and repair any electrical problem in your building.

Inspection: The next step is to diagnose the actual problem either through pure observation or using equipment such as voltage meters, tracing, and circuit testers. Our well-trained staff will leave no stone unturned until they uncover all problem areas.

Identification of the problem: Once we identify where the problem lies, we seek to unearth its cause. Our team is well knowledgeable and trained in finding the origin of all electrical problems.

Repair: Our Company puts safety at the forefront of all electrical projects. After we’ve established the issue, our team will get to the repair and testing part while following proven safety practices.


No matter how small your electrical issue it, avoid making it a DIY repair job. Proper electrical wiring is extremely vital since it can lead to unpredictable damage (including fire) if done wrong. Call us today for all your troubleshooting and repair needs. We always put smiles on the faces of our customers.  


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