Switches/ Dimmers

Dimmers make up for awesome light options out there. Dimmer switches allowyou to control the amount of light going through a light fixture thereby letting you choose how much light to have in a room. Essentially, the switch is a turn dial or slow sliding lever with a manual button for adjusting the light.


Why Install Dimmer Switches?


Dimmers are not only friendly to the environment but can enhance the ambiance of any space. Homeowners install them for their aesthetic value. Having not-so-bright light in your space adds an element of versatility and beauty to it. Dimmed lights create a cozy and romantic feel and add beauty to the interior space particularly when your family sits down to enjoy a movie. If you have a toddler or a newborn, you can tap into the power of dimmers to enhance effective night rests as it minimizes too much glare and distractions.

What’s more, by allowing a certain amount of light to pass through, dimmer switches protect the shelf life of your bulbs. You can extend the longevity of your bulbs up to 3-4 years with a dimmer switch as opposed to normal switches which would have lasted them about 5-6 months. This enhances savings in electricity alongside the aforementioned benefits.

We are known for delivering quality and convenient services for all our projects. From start to finish, we are driven by a strong desire to ensure your absolute satisfaction and exemplary customer experience. Our team consists of licensed and skilled electricians who are dedicated to installing all types of switches and dimmers for a wide range of clients.  


Why Work With Us?


Light control dimmers and switches are important assets to your home and can be installed by the right professionals. We are the kind of people who will surpass your expectations no matter the size of your property. With us, expect the following:


Prompt Service: When your switches are acting up or you need them installed as quickly as possible and with a high level of professionalism, our awesome team is available round the clock.


Zero Surprises: Unlike other companies that are characterized by hidden fees and surprise charges, we work with a detailed estimate comprising of the scope of the project, timeline, approach used, and price. The upfront cost we present to you will stand to the very end.


Experienced Electricians: With us, you are guaranteed of highly-trained servicemen with plenty of knowledge of dimmer and switch installation


Flexibility: We fit into your schedule and not the other way around


Holistic Electrical Services: Whether it’s the bathroom, garage, backyard, or kitchen that needs electrical help, rest assured we will fix it all.

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