Electrical Panels

Damaged or worn out circuit breakers are at constant risk of overheating. If your circuits have been added over time, you might require an electrical panel upgrade to handle the increased energy output. While you are at it, you might want to consider replacing all your panels which are contaminated by water or other forms of corrosive substances.


When breakers keep tripping even after resetting them, they might be suffering from insufficient power. If your home or office needs overall power, you require the services of a licensed and qualified electrician to give your old electrical panel a much-needed boost. This process could mean anything from the installation of a new breaker panel to a new electrical meter or new wiring. If your panel has been acting up of late, our professional servicemen will be happy to offer a permanent solution once and for all.


What Is A Circuit Breaker?


Also known as a breaker panel or a distribution board, a circuit breaker is an element of your electrical supply system. Its primary function is to distribute your power feed into multiple circuits. It does this alongside the provision of a protective fuse for each circuit contained in one metal box enclosure.

The reason circuit breakers trip is because they are designed to shut off when there is a short circuit, an overloaded circuit or a ground fault.  Most circuit tripping issues are as a result of overloaded circuits. When the amps of the electrical current go above the labeled figure on the breaker, it will stop power flow through the whole circuit. Tripped breakers as a result of a ground fault or a shirt circuit are not only serious but also difficult to detect.

A short circuit typically occurs when a neutral wire and a hot wire cross paths causing an overwhelming amount of large amount to flow and hence a blown fuse. A ground fault, on the other hand, occurs when the hot wire touches the ground wire or the grounded side of a device or appliance. The same case of large current occurs causing the fuse to shut off altogether.


Whether you want hot tub replacement panels, emergency panel installation, sub-panels, or installation of the main panel for a new building, we can get the project done with a high level of skill, professionalism, and experience. Call us today for any additional information and a free estimate. 

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